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Dan Michaelson


the state 51 conspiracy


Released: 8th Dec 2017



Released: 8th Dec 2017

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with sad, baroque arrangements and his rich and weary deep drawl of a voice, michaelson summons the ghosts of cohen, drake, hazlewood and van zandt on his solo turn.

‘First Light’ focuses on the every day first moment of consciousness before past, future, cynicism and memory come into focus. the album features eight violins, four violas, two cellos, two double basses and the odd flash of trombone, all constantly shifting above, below and either side of Michaelson's staple vocal style.



  1. Careless
  2. Sand
  3. Someone Else’s Dream
  4. Stone
  5. Careless Reprise
  6. Old Kisses
  7. But I’ll Never Be Lost
  8. First Light
  9. Don’t Let It Pass