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White Room



blue 12"

Released: 8th Dec 2017


all hail the rise of the Enigmatic Brighton-bred five-piece, who land here with gleaming guitars and gliding choruses taking cues from genre-benders past such as brian Jonestown massacre, primal scream and talking heads.

youthful stuff this, made for dancing around without a care in the world or for sitting down, headphones in, looking for a new perspective. get hyped, young people. “New double EP 'Eight' is incoming, and it's set to be something special… Superb psychedelic pop music with a touch of dirt under its fingernails” - clash



  1. The Blue
  2. Tomorrow Always Knew
  3. Stole The I.V.
  4. Take Me Away
  5. Cannibal Song
  6. Cable-built Dreamland
  7. Twisted Celebration
  8. Circles