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the barstool preachers

grazie governo



Released: 31st Aug 2018


LP + flexi discs

Released: 31st Aug 2018

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Grazie Governo (“Thank You Government”) is the album that everyone angry and frustrated with the current political situation has been waiting for.

The intelligent and passionate lyrics are backed by the unique, catchy, and creative songwriting that this band is becoming known for. It truly exemplifies the band’s incredible talents and creativity, and the energy and commitment that these UK upstarts are turning so many heads with.

While drawing from influences spanning traditional ska, dub and reggae to harder in-your-face ska-punk, this battery of tunes never loses its focus, nor the bands unique sense of composure and approach. The message is clear and mature, timeless and 100% on-point; and the music will have everyone dancing & singing along.

grazie governo


  1. Grazie Governo
  2. 8.6 Days (All the Broken Hearts)
  3. Warchief
  4. Choose My Friends
  6. 2:22
  7. Drink
  8. Drive
  9. Cry Wolf
  10. Raced Through Berlin
  11. Since You
  12. Force Fed
  13. High Horse (CD Only Bonus Track)