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Take Control

virgin emi


Released: 30th Sep 2016


lp + download

Released: 30th Sep 2016


On their 2nd album, the kent punk duo still deliver an energy blast few can match at the moment - full of rage, they speak their minds about modern britain in a way that so few dare to & it features cameos from Beastie Boys' Mike D & Baxter Dury.

it's not intellectual. it's not ostentatious. it's not subtle. is full of vitality. it is raw & fericious. it is very, very easy to get drawn into & addicted to. theirs is a world of direct speaking, fighting against the apathetic, sheep-like, non-committal tendencies of modern day society & the music that results is a thrilling 2 fingers up to the suits, the conference tables & the bullshit manifestos. " the world needs an album like this. Something that is more raw, more alive & less polished" - mike d.


Take Control


  1. Spit It Out
  2. Hypnotised
  3. Consume Or Be Consumed featuring Mike D
  4. Take Control
  5. Mr Industry (Skit)
  6. Rich Man
  7. Play Dead
  8. Lies
  9. Fuck The Hi Hat
  10. Gary (Skit)
  11. The People That You Meet featuring Joel Amey (Wolf Alice)
  12. Steer Clear featuring Baxter Duty
  13. Cold Hard Floor
  14. STD's/PHD's
  15. Angelica
  16. Same Again