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Confidence Man

Confident Music For Confident People



Released: 13th Apr 2018


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Released: 13th Apr 2018

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Warning - exposure will result in excessive facial grinning and involuntary dancing.

Your inhibitions won’t save you. Bursting with dirty breakdowns and effervescent pop, the Aussie quartet channel their unrelenting sense of fun into an album that never dips below euphoric. Throughout a series of addictive funk grooves and Madchesterworthy acid house psychedelia, vocalists Janet Planet and Sugar Bones - in their effortless, conversational singing style - guide us on an ecstasy-ridden journey that evokes Primal Scream’s dizzying highs, Jagwar Ma’s catchy hooks and LCD Soundsystem’s persistent beats. We’re also happily transported back to the early noughties’ sleazy electro-pop-punk of Peaches and Fischerspooner. Act confident and people will believe in you; these guys confidently set out to make the best party album we’ve heard in years and we believe they’ve done it!

“Ready-made sunshine – MDMAzing pretensionfree fun for the masses” – NME.

Confident Music For Confident People


  1. Try Your Luck
  2. Don't You Know I'm In A Band
  3. Boyfriend
  4. C.O.O.L Party
  5. Out The Window
  6. Catch My Breath
  7. Bubblegum
  8. Better Sit Down Boy
  9. Sailboat Vacation
  10. All The Way
  11. Fascination