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trash talk


true panther sounds

very limited 7"

Released: 5th Dec 2011


trash talk continue to bodily propel their sound down the gnarled, grime-swathed path they’ve hewn for themselves. the aptly named opener careens through the gate in a hail of shred. ‘slander’ squeals, stacks, smashes & releases in one minute flat, while ‘blind evolution’ seems epic at over two, progressing from rapid thrash to a grungy, halftime sludge. then, in comes ‘burn alive’, tailor-made to elicit air punches (be aware of your surroundings when you drop the needle), with its screeched out anti- wisdom: ‘the good die young, but the great survive’. finally, ‘gimme shelter’ brings things to a punishing, pummeling close & it all happens so quickly, so feverishly that you’re left beaten, bruised & ears bleeding with no real sense of what just happened. which is, of course, how trash talk likes it. “the guys nail a sort of thrashing pop to the spastic hardcore without loosening the grip around your neck” 8.2/10 - pitchfork.



  1. Awake
  2. Slander
  3. Blind Evolution
  4. Burn Alive
  5. Gimme Shelter