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936 remixed

100% SILK


Released: 25th Jan 2012

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the 2nd comprehensive remix treatment of the duo’s breakthrough ‘936’ lp, featuring 100% silkers  ital, innergaze & cuticle.

this is ‘936’ gone nightlife, taking the dub-a-dub lullaby groovers of their jaw-dropping 2011 album (our #2 record of the year)  into full-on synth-sex, acid-bubble, twinkle-starshine, dance-ditty territory on this remix redux. ital's pitch-bounced take on ‘marshmellow yellow’ grows a mechanical metallic swing, innergaze hi-five the minimal wave of ‘all the sun that shines’ transforming the original into a syncopated psych-out dark-disco fx fest & cuticle takes on the sweet serenade ‘tiger eyes’ with casio keyed-up flourishes & hi-hat space jams. “hypnagogic dance music for misfits & outsiders” – pitchfork.

936 remixed