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Weird World


Released: 19th Dec 2011

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4 remixes of tracks from the kraut-dub duo’s awesome ‘936’ album by adrian sherwood, dam funk, squadda b & patten.

some spectacular takes on the band’s work from these remixers - sherwood draws out the dub factor from the original ‘tiger eyes (laid back) while dam-funk’s smooth ‘re-freak’ of ‘all the sun that shines’ adds his trademark upbeat electro drums & sultry synths to the vocal. squadda b turns ‘marshmellow yellow/amazing & wonderful’ into a moody clams casino-esque hip-hop beat, showcasing the rap styles of main attrakionz while patten turns ‘hey sparrow’ into moody rhythms with a droney, mechanical thunk.



  1. Tiger Eyes (Laid Back) - Adrian Sherwood / ON-U Sound Remix
  2. All The Sun That Shines - Refreaked by Dam-Funk
  3. Marshmellow Yellow / Amazing And Wonderful - Main Attrakionz Remix - Produced by Squadda B
  4. Hey Sparrow - Patten Remix