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nik colk void

gold e

o genesis

mega limited 7"

Released: 24th Feb 2012

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fantastic art/noise piece from 1/3 of factory floor, equal parts william basinski & throbbing gristle.

‘gold e’ is a sprawling, rumbling, dystopian beast of a track, soundtracking the death throes of long abandoned cities.  in addition to the track ‘gold e’ on regular old boring 7” vinyl, here we get a ‘hand cast polyurethane plastic’ version of the record as well, perfectly playable, intended to degrade over time & thus taking the sound of the piece into even more nightmarish, dysmorphic territory. this ‘do it yourself’ version of william basinski’s disintegration loops is inspired, perfectly matching the tone & spirit of the music.

gold e


  1. gold e