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divorce / jailhouse fuck


six six sixties

ltd 10"

Released: 23rd Jun 2012


a hideously good, brilliantly unpleasant screw-you of an EP that courses with the enduring spirit of true punk rock abandon.

a perfectly matched collision of glasgow's Divorce & their Northern European equivalent Jailhouse F*ck. intensely visceral stuff. highlights include 'cactusk', an especially hateful, down-tempo outpouring of bile & jailhouse's opening number 'Lick Your Stick', built on some frantic guitar work as well as a chorus that's about as anthemic as this sort of unfettered catharsis gets.



Divorce :

  1. Cactusk
  2. Stabby Stab

jailhouse Fuck :

  1. Lick Your Stick
  2. Doden
  3. Thief Song
  4. Vibrations