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beat of the drum



Released: 6th Dec 2012


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this 15 year old wunderkind's sound is an exuberant melange of styles, from frantic techno to punchy ghetto bass.

happa has a mature & unique style that belies his years & has already picked up props from skream, four tet, the xx, nicholas jaar & more, further evidenced on this dazzling debut package. on a-side 'beat of the drum', in place of rigid beat frameworks are lurching drums, blasts of grumbling sub & the infectious clatter of rising & falling percussion lines. 'bring it back' is a rude boy jam, slapping snares & claps take on a life of their own, as do the various low end wobbles & synth smears.

beat of the drum


  1. beat of the drum
  2. beat of the drum (throwing snow remix)
  3. bring it back
  4. bring it back (apes & seb wildblood remix)