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jeremy greenspan / laurie spiegel




Released: 15th Jan 2013

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junior boys member unleashes the dancefloor potential in the waves of harmony & rhythm of spiegel's old school computer music experimentation.

re-interpreted with full blessing from laurie spiegel herself, fan-boy greenspan adds just the right delicate touches (subtly insistent bassline, four to the floor kick, shuffling hi-hats) to her unique soundworld to create a club-ready, minimal techno masterpiece with whacked out, atonal moments. b-side 'sirius shake' is a greenspan original, displaying more of the wonky, polyrhythmic, minimal beats & synth he introduced us to on last year's jiaolong 12".



  1. Jeremy Greenspan / Laurie Spiegel - Drums&Drums&Drums
  2. Jeremy Greenspan - Sirius Shake