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escapes ep


7" + download

Released: 24th Dec 2012


The second title in the Chart Ruse series is by OLO Worms member, Delifinger.

Delifinger is the solo-guise of Matthew Lacey, a Bristolian singer-songwriter and member of art-pop collective OLO Worms. Matt has been involved in a few different collaborations over the past 5 years – including a split release with Lionheart, a collaborative EP under the name Gorlkeepers, as well as a mini-album and collection of singles with OLO Worms – but this E.P. marks his first fully fledged solo recordings. After a stunning performance at last year’s Home Game festival (Fence Records’ annual knees-up), King Creosote approached Matt about releasing his material on Fence – and this EP serves as an introduction to the intimate, spectral sounds of Delfinger … Title track (and opening number) ‘Escapes’, sets the scene – reverby kick drum, ear-tingling synth-bass, plucked guitar and delicate harmonies create an otherworldly, emotive lullaby. The following song, ‘Take It Slowly’, ironically speeds things up – a jaunty acoustic pop tune, married with some distant banjo and Matt’s delicate vocal. On side B, a mesmerising keyboard part is looped over and over, with a lyric that collapses in on itself. It’s atmospheric stuff. On these recordings Matt is accompanied by his wife, Anneliesa, and fellow members of OLO Worms, messrs Lionheart and Seaweed, as well as a few other pals. One of fence's latest signings, Seamus Fogarty, also joins the pyjama party with a brain-melting remix of the title track. As with previous releases in the Chart Ruse series, the remix is available EXCLUSIVELY on the vinyl – there is no download for the remix. Fans of King Creosote, and the early EP recordings of Badly Drawn Boy, will find lots to enjoy in Delifinger’s mix of gentle acoustic instrumentation and floaty electronics.

escapes ep


  1. Escapes
  2. Take It Slowly
  3. It's Not Going To End Well / Mining
  4. Escapes (Seamus Fogarty remix)