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Speakman Sound

warm / in flight

etlw records


Released: 3rd Nov 2017


the Glastonbury production duo team up with Frankie Forman for some more palliative psychedelic dance stylings ripe for the festival fields.

‘Warm’ is ostensibly four-on-the-floor, but with syncopated fibrillations and big-pop ambitions. like the xx gone full euro-dance!

warm / in flight


  1. Warm (Ft. Frankie Forman)
  2. Warm (Ft. Frankie Forman) - Loxe Remix
  3. Warm (Ft. Frankie Forman) - XXXY Remix
  4. In Flight (Ft. Sharky)
  5. In Flight (Ft. Sharky) Franc Moody Remix
  6. Pangea