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Umeko Ando

Iuta Upopo



Released: 10th Nov 2017


a spellbinding Japanese folk song whose accentuated rhythms make it hugely danceable – perfect for both headphones and speakers alike.

this is the song’s first pressing on 7” vinyl. Umeko Ando (1932-2004) was a japanese folk singer. “Upopo” is the name of a particular singing style which involves repetition, while “Iuta” simply means song. Umeko Ando performs this minimalist vocal in a brittle, emotional manner which is framed by a slow, percussive pulse and Oki’s Tonkori patterns (the Tonkori is a string instrument of the Ainu). m.rux’s remix adds a gliding subbass, a kickdrum and occasional claps to the enhanced percussive structures of the original. Umeko Ando’s vocals adapt seamlessly to M.Rux’s powerful electronic production.

Iuta Upopo


  1. Iuta Upopo
  2. Iuta Upopo : M.Rux Remix