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Over and Over Again

Hatch Recrods


Released: 15th Dec 2017


their kitchen-sink dramas of disillusionment with modern society speak for themselves, & the feelings of people all over the world whose voices are not being heard on this jagged double bill that oozes with a revived mod attitude.

this single sees another change of pace for the band, built around the lead piano riff & tipping the hat deftly to Madness & The Specials in a modern take on the classic 2 Tone sound, sounding as fresh & contemporary as it ever did. Commenting on the lead track, frontman billy Sullivan says: “The lyrics are about being on a night out in some shitty club & the more you drink the more miserable you become. That thing of watching your mates have a good time when all you can think about is how bored you are with your own situation. Whether it be your job, where you live or your relationship. & how you can predict in 6 months down the line you'll be back in the same club, same time, feeling the same thing.”

Over and Over Again


  1. Over and Over Again
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