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panda bear

a day with the homies


limited edition 12"

Released: 12th Jan 2018


the animal collective member’s latest solo ep inspires wonder in abundance with its darkly magical blends of field recordings, amorphous synths and crystal-clear, uncluttered approach.

“The songs aren’t lyrically linear or narrative as such, though I did scatter pieces of longer-chewed themes across the tracks. I find they still work satisfactorily alone, but strengthen each other’s messages when combined. I hoped to make something without frills or much embellishment, principally because I’ve found more fluff tends to equal less power. Since the juiciest action is entirely focused in the deeper zones of the frequency spectrum (at least from where I’ve sat), power was key.” “the burbling soundscapes and soaring pop melodies are gorgeous” 8/10 – exclaim.

a day with the homies


  1. Flight
  2. Part of the Math
  3. Shepard Tone
  4. Nod to the Folks
  5. Sunset