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The Dahmers

Creepiest Creep*



Released: 27th Apr 2018


The Dahmers, the Swedish rock 'n' roll horror sensation that's creeping up on you.

In a tornado of influences like garage punk, classic rock and 60's pop this band truly is a Frankensteins monster of music. This is a band who's going their own way with colorful contrasts and still keeping the main essence of what they are all about. With their catchy tunes that gets stuck to your brain like a leech The Dahmers sucks you in to their music and to a world filled with darkness. Their lyrics and aesthetics have a big inspiration from classic horror movies but you also find emotional exposures about frustration, solitude and alienation amongst other things in their songs. They are skeletons with attitude and put as much effort in to the visual experience as in their music. The Dahmers latest EP “Creepiest Creep” is a proof that they will keep on writing great songs without getting monotonous. Creepiest Creep EP contains four tracks and is released 27th of April on Lövely Records. The band will tour Polen and Germany in May 2018. The Dahmers released their debut album ‘Demon’ on Farsot Records in 2014. The album quickly sold out and got an international release through Lövely records in 2015. The band released their ‘Terror On Wheels’ EP in 2015 and ‘Blood On My Hands’ EP in 2016. ‘Blood On My Hands’ got elected on of the top 50 songs 2016 by Swedish National Radio as one of few rock n roll songs on the list. Their latest album was their second album‘In The Dead Of Night’ that was released in march 2017.

Creepiest Creep*


  1. Creepiest Creep
  2. Reoccurring Dreams
  3. Without A Face
  4. Kiss of Dario