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Vector Families

For Those About To Jazz/Rock We Salute You



Released: 20th Oct 2017


ranging from explosive jazz-rock bombast to slower, surreal, experimental, free-jazz excursions, they cover a wide variety of intersecting vectors that make for a fascinating, accomplished record.

The band Vector Families sees three generations of forward thinking musicians converge: drummer/composer Dave King (Bad Plus, Happy Apple), guitarist Dean Granros, bassist Anthony Cox and the saxophonist Brandon Wozniak. what does Vector Families sound like? The title of their eponymous debut recording provides a hint but doesn’t necessarily cover it. King likens their sound to Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time meets Bad Brains with a bit of Pere Ubu post rock thrown in for good measure.

For Those About To Jazz/Rock We Salute You


  1. Free Funk!
  2. Duetz Duetz
  3. Sati n Doll
  4. 10,000-Year-Old Rotary Club
  5. Dee Dee
  6. African Dictaphone