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Ron Miles

I Am A Man



Released: 27th Oct 2017


his lyrical and complex compositions provide the perfect framework for five masters who blur the boundaries of conventional soloing and accompanying in a constant ebb and flow marked by brilliant harmonising and stunning strokes of individual genius.

‘I am a Man’, Ron Miles’s newest recording with Bill Frisell and Brian Blade, expands the trio to a quintet with the addition of pianist Jason Moran and bassist Thomas Morgan. The sublime interplay that distinguished the Circuit Rider trio recordings ‘Quiver’ (2012) and ‘Circuit Rider’ (2014), reaches new levels of inspired musical communication. 

I Am A Man


  1. I Am A Man
  2. Darken My Door
  3. The Gift That Keeps On Giving
  4. Revolutionary Congregation
  5. Mother Juggler
  6. Jasper
  7. Is There Room In Your Heart For A Man Like Me?