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Shinya Fukumori Trio

For 2 Akis



Released: 16th Feb 2018


the Japanese-French-German trio has a lyrical sound of its own, which has a deeply cinematic, undulating quality that oozes with a sophisticated, brooding melancholy.

Drummer-leader Shinya Fukumori, also the principal composer for the band, is an imaginative melodist at several levels. The attention to timbre and detail and space which distinguishes Fukumori’s drumming is also reflected in the colour-fields of his free-floating ballads. The spaciousness of the music leaves room for expression to tenorist Matthieu Bordenave and pianist Walter Lang. Bordenave has a deceptively fragile tenor tone, of considerable emotional impact, and Lang, one of Lee Konitz’s chosen duo partners in recent years, is a subtle player, patiently shoring up the whole context. if you like Bernard herrman’s work on the taxi driver soundtrack, you should seek this out.

For 2 Akis


  1. Hoshi Meguri No Uta
  2. Silent Chaos
  3. Ai San San
  4. For 2 Akis
  5. “The Light Suite: Kojo No Tsuki
  6. Into The Light
  7. The Light”
  8. No Goodbye
  9. Spectacular
  10. Mangetsu No Yube
  11. meraude
  12. When The Day Is Done
  13. Hoshi Meguri No Uta (var.)