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Johanna Borchert

Love Or Emptiness



Released: 16th Feb 2018


Borchert builds sublime moods using distorted synthesisers, powerful drums, and her voice floating above it all, reaching almost cinematic heights.

her third solo album is an electrifying mixture of pop, jazz and experimental, skilfully artistic and at the same time accessible - catchy but not superficial. Repeatedly, the names Laurie Anderson and Björk were mentioned. Borchert has no problems with such comparisons: “I would like to be a combination of both singers.” Once again, ‘Love or Emptiness’ presents us with ten songs and once again their order seems as inevitable as if it were a long 40-minute-piece.

Love Or Emptiness


  1. Spacetimeshifting
  2. Love Or Emptiness
  3. Identity
  4. Miraculous clouds
  5. Who Is To Say
  6. Birdies Toes
  7. Like An Olive Tree
  8. Sunsister
  9. Wild Bird Tree
  10. Your Atmosphere