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Eyolf Dale

Return to Mind

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Released: 2nd Feb 2018



Released: 2nd Feb 2018


The Norwegian pianist’s second album expands upon his elegant and powerful emotive sound for a more creative and expressive output.

Since releasing his debut in 2016, Dale has developed his sophisticated and heartfelt playing into a passionate force. Using the same line-up as its predecessor, using a mixture of vibraphone, violin, trumpets and saxophones navigate their way through complex compositions of light and shade. Radiating in self-assured class and poise, this album confirms his promise of being a creative composer and an expressive soloist with a taste for melody.

Return to Mind


  1. Midsomer Gardens
  2. Soaring
  3. The Mayor
  4. Return to Mind
  5. Naurak
  6. Woody
  7. Rhône
  8. Taplow
  9. I Can't Deny
  10. Tranquil Dance