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christophe beck

edge of tomorrow - original motion picture soundtrack



Released: 4th Aug 2017


a sleeper hit of the summer of 2014, ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ (or ‘Live Die Repeat’ in some circles) was one of the most kinetic, and darkly funny action films to his cinemas in years.

The music of THE FILM is pulsating, and bombastic. Composer Christophe Beck cleverly takes a futuristic approach to the expected soundtrack of a War film, incorporating electronic distortion and sonic bursts.

edge of tomorrow - original motion picture soundtrack


  1. Angel of Verdun (Main Titles)
  2. No Courage Without Fear
  3. D-Day
  4. Mimics and Alphas
  5. PT
  6. Find Me When You Wake Up
  7. Navigating the Beach
  8. Winning the War
  9. Combat Training
  10. Deadweight
  11. Again!
  12. Solo Flight
  13. Decoy
  14. Whitehall 
  15. Uncharted Territory