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last guardian

takeshi furukawa


black & white marbled 2lp

Released: 25th Aug 2017


the creators of ico & shadow of colossus will never deliver experiences of anything less than sheer emotional beauty.

This game humbly follows in the footsteps of Japan Studio’s previous efforts - the emotionally wrought, epically honed masterpieces of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Composer Takeshi Furukawa delicately blends the scope of high adventure with the touching subtlety of an unlikely friendship. The unusual bond between boy & beast resonates deeply in this rich, orchestral score, accented further by wistfully beautiful album art by famed artist Nimit Malavia (noted for his elegant Fables covers). This soundtrack is as timeless as it is touching.


takeshi furukawa


  1. Overture: Lore
  2. Panorama
  3. Forest
  4. Sentinel I
  5. The Tower
  6. Falling Bridge
  7. Hanging Garden
  8. Sentinel II
  9. Victorious
  10. Alone
  11. The Nest
  12. Flashback
  13. Sanctuary
  14. Condor Clash
  15. Wounded
  16. Finale 1: Apex
  17. Finale II: Escape
  18. End Titles: The Last Guardian Suite
  19. Epilogue