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mike patton

Crank : High Voltage Original Motion Picture Score

Enjoy The Ride

very limited solid yellow 2lp

Released: 1st Sep 2017


Patton, best known for being the lead singer of alternative metal bands Faith No More and Mr.

Bungle, has crafted the perfect soundtrack to suit a film in which its lead must receive electric shocks to survive. this is the first ever soundtrack that Patton composed and performed. like the film, it is a non-stop thrill ride – even if one hasn’t seen the film, you can feel the energy expressed throughout, thanks to Patton’s phenomenal work.


Crank : High Voltage Original Motion Picture Score


  1. Kickin’
  2. Chelios
  3. Sweet Cream (Redux)
  4. Organ Donor
  5. Chickenscratch
  6. Tourettes Romance
  7. Doc Miles
  8. El Huron
  9. Tourettes Breakdance
  10. Juice Me
  11. Hallucination
  12. Porn Strike
  13. Surgery
  14. Social Club
  15. Chocolate Theme
  16. Ball Torture
  17. Chevzilla
  18. The Hammer Drops
  19. Triad Limo
  20. Shock & Shootout
  21. Pixelvision
  22. Spring Loaded
  23. Verona
  24. Car Park Throwdown
  25. Noticias
  26. Catalina Island
  27. Supercharged
  28. Massage Parlor
  29. Full Body Tourettes
  30. Epilogue – In My Dreams
  31. Friction
  32. Epiphany