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cosmic tunes (call of duty: infinite warfare zombies)


very limited ufo picture disc lp

Released: 1st Dec 2017

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in a victory for all things achingly niche and esoteric, this is the Soundtrack for the ‘Zombies In Spaceland’ section of computer game ‘Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’.

the game within a game. the soundtrack of it. it consists of 10 jingles of various genres taken from the game. you honestly don’t have to have played the game to enjoy this. but it probably gives it a richer sense of context.

cosmic tunes (call of duty: infinite warfare zombies)


  1. Up 'N' Atoms
  2. Racin' Stripes
  3. Slappy Taffy
  4. Bombstoppers
  5. Tuff 'Nuff
  6. Bang Bangs
  7. Blue Bolts
  8. Quickies
  9. Mule Munchies
  10. Trail Blazers
  11. Up 'N' Atoms
  12. Racin' Stripes
  13. Slappy Taffy
  14. Bombstuffers
  15. Tuff 'Nuff
  16. Bang Bangs
  17. Blue Bolts
  18. Quickies
  19. Mule Munchies
  20. Trail Blazers