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Lee Hazlewood

Poet, Fool Or Bum/Back On The Street Again

EMI Gold


Released: 29th Mar 2004


Poet, Fool Or Bum/Back On The Street Again


  1. Poet, Fool Or Bum
  2. Heaven Is My Woman's Love
  3. Kari
  4. Feathers
  5. Nancy And Me
  6. The Performer
  7. Come Spend The Morning
  8. Wind, Sky, Sea And Sand
  9. Think I'm Coming Down
  10. Those Were The Days Of Roses (Martha)
  11. Back On The Street Again
  12. Save A Place For Me (featuring Shari Garbo)
  13. Your Thunder And Your Lightning
  14. Suddenly Tennessee
  15. You Make It Look So Easy
  16. A Rider On A White Horse
  17. Smokey Put The Sweat On Me
  18. Dolly And Hawkeye
  19. Beginning To Feel Like Home (Featuring Colleen Petterson)
  20. New Box Of People
  21. Dolly Parton's Guitar