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Hilary Woods


sacred bones


Released: 8th Jun 2018


limited blue lp + download

Released: 8th Jun 2018

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lp + download

Released: 8th Jun 2018

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oooh - this one's magical! ethereal vocals drift above delicate piano work & exquisite production to create an atmosphere both serene & ghostly.

Her minimalist & compositional finesse combine with densely layered atmospheric instrumentation & dreamlike vocals resulting in lush music, rich with both delicacy & intensity. Straddling the acoustic & electronic worlds, it’s an intensely personal journey through grief, abandonment & mutating love. she navigates this journey with a lyrical potency that cuts through stark piano, sensuous synth work & textural acoustics & sets her somewhere between Marissa Nadler, Grouper, Julianna Barwick & Julee Cruise. “Every moment is meticulously constructed, building up a world that Woods has waited many years to inhabit & she welcomes us with effortless grace & elegance” 8/10 – line of best fit.



  1. Inhaler
  2. Prodigal Dog
  3. Take Him In
  4. Kith
  5. Jesus Said
  6. Sever
  7. Black Rainbow
  8. Limbs

bonus edition cd (sold out)


  1. Flames
  2. Secret Sabbath
  3. Our Tide Turn
  4. My Daughter, My Gold


  1. Bathing
  2. Sabbath