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thee oh sees


castle face


Released: 29th Jan 2014


2LP + download

Released: 12th May 2014


24 songs, including the track “tidal wave” (featured in tv’s breaking bad), that run the gamut from very mellow stuff with strings to completely fried burners.

While you'd think a band that released seven records in five years (& that's just under the final incarnation of their name) wouldn't have a whole lot of extra material lying around, John Dwyer's garage-psych outfit Thee Oh Sees are also prolific purveyors of singles & EPs. includes covers of aaron aites (‘hey buddy’, ‘comas’), a ty segall cover (‘the drag’) & demos of ‘contraption’ & ‘castiatic tackle’.



  1. Carol Anne
  2. Inquiry Perpetrated
  3. Mincing Around the Frocks
  4. Kingsmeat
  5. The Freak Was Clean
  6. Kids In Cars
  7. Bloody Water
  8. Hey Buddy (Aaron Aites Cover)
  9. Comas (Aaron Aites Cover)
  10. I Agree
  11. Grave Blockers
  12. Tidal Wave
  13. Heart Sweats
  14. Contraption (Demo)
  15. Friends Defined
  16. Blood In Your Ear
  17. Schwag Rifles
  18. The Drag (Ty Segall Cover)
  19. 7484
  20. Castiatic Tackle (Demo)
  21. She Said to Me
  22. Where People Do Drugs
  23. In the Shadow of Giants
  24. Ichor