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The Meaning Of Life

EMI Catalogue


Released: 4th Sep 2006


The Meaning Of Life


  1. Intro (The Meaning Of Life)
  2. Fish (Morning)
  3. The Meaning Of Life
  4. (Part One) The Miracle Of Birth
  5. MP Link
  6. (Part Two) The Third World (Yorkshire)
  7. Every Sperm Is Sacred
  8. Bloody Catholics
  9. Link (Martin Luther)
  10. (Part Three) Growth And Learning
  11. (Part Four) Fighting Each Other
  12. Terry Gilliam Introduction
  13. Accountancy Shanty
  14. (Part Five) Live Organ Transplants (Galaxy Song)
  15. (Part Six) The Autumn Years (The Not Noel Coward Song)
  16. (Part Seven) Death (Christmas In Heaven)
  17. MP Link (Dedication To Fish)
  18. Intro Title Song Demo Meaning Of Life (Piano Version)
  19. Alternate Intro Title Song Meaning Of Life (Band Version)
  20. Fat Song (Deleted Intro To Mr Creosote Sketch)
  21. Alternate Christmas In Heaven Song
  22. Radio Ad - Philisophers Corner
  23. Radio Ad - Officer
  24. Radio Ad - German Translation
  25. Greasy Hair
  26. Dino Viccotti
  27. Stretch The Script
  28. Grand Prix
  29. Hard Of Thinking