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Boo Hewerdine

Swimming In Mercury



Released: 28th Apr 2017


boo delivers up-beat showtunes-y ballads soaked in glitz and glamour – a finger-popping delight.

well known as one of the greatest songwriter performers in the business, incredibly this album comes 8 years after ‘God Bless The Pretty Things’. Not that he’s been inactive, far from it, the period has been the most productive of his career. Boo wrote Radio Ballads for the BBC's Olympic and recent Child Migration series. There has been a huge array of writing and producing with both established and upcoming artists and 'passing something on' to budding writers via his much loved song-writing workshops.


Swimming In Mercury


  1. Satellite Town
  2. A Letter To My Younger Self
  3. My First Band
  4. American TV
  5. Sleep
  6. Gemini
  7. The Boy Who Never Cried Wolf
  8. The Year That I Was Born
  9. Drinking Alone
  10. An Atheist In A Foxhole
  11. Voice Behind The Curtain
  12. Swimming In Mercury