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Martin Simpson

Trails & Tribulations


Deluxe CD

Released: 1st Sep 2017



Released: 1st Sep 2017



Released: 1st Sep 2017


the 20th solo album from the extremely talented guitarist is an intense, eclectic, spellbinding and deeply moving record.

There is no doubt that after 45 years as a professional musician Martin is, right now, better than ever. Widely acknowledged as one of the finest acoustic and slide guitar players in the world, his interpretations of traditional songs are masterpieces of storytelling. There is no-one who has more successfully combined the diverse elements of British, Afro-American and old-timesy music than Simpson. His 15 years living in the US were well spent.


Trails & Tribulations


  1. Blues Run The Game
  2. Bones & Feathers
  3. Thomas Drew
  4. East Kentucky
  5. Katherine Of Aragaon Interlude
  6. Katherine Of Aragon
  7. Maps
  8. St. James Hospital
  9. Jasper’s
  10. Dancing Shoes
  11. Ridgeway
  12. Rufford Park Poachers
  13. Reynardine Interlude
  14. Reynardine