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Anne Briggs

An Introduction to Anne Briggs



Released: 9th Feb 2018


this stunning compilation selects some of her most captivating contributions to the folk archives, showcasing her breath-takingly pure vocals and intricate guitar melodies.

the 15 tracks include early recordings featured on albums ‘The Iron Muse’ and ‘The Bird In The Bush’, as well as material from her ‘Hazards of Love’ EP and stunning solo album simply titled ‘Anne Briggs’. There is also the inclusion of tracks from her long-lost album ‘Sing A Song For You’.  “If I hadn’t heard her, I’d have probably done something entirely different.” - June Tabor.

An Introduction to Anne Briggs


  1. The Recruited Collier
  2. The Doffing Mistress
  3. Polly Vaughan
  4. Rosemary Lane
  5. Gathering Rushes In The Month Of May
  6. The Stonecutter Boy
  7. Blackwater Side
  8. Go Your Way (My Love)
  9. The Cuckoo
  10. Reynardine
  11. Young Tambling
  12. Maa Bonny Boy
  13. Sing A Song For You
  14. The Bonambuie
  15. Tongue In Cheek