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Ed Romanoff

The Orphan King



Released: 23rd Feb 2018


on his second album, he’s forged a rootsy and eccentric sound that perfectly complements his gritty, literate and personal songs that evoke a gothic car chase across some mythic American plain.

Romanoff is a chronicler of American experience whose voice recalls the gritty baritone of Leonard Cohen and the wit of Guy Clark. The New York singer-songwriter pens wise, big-hearted, occasionally whimsical, usually melancholic tunes about lonely souls and romantic dreamers. “Soul Piercing and revealing.” - Rachel Yamagata.

The Orphan King


  1. Miss Worby’s Ghost
  2. The Elephant Man
  3. A Golden Crown
  4. The Orphan King
  5. Without You
  6. Leavin’ With Someone Else
  7. Less Broken Now
  8. The Ballad Of Willie Sutton
  9. I’ll Remember You
  10. The Night Is A Woman
  11. Blue Boulevard
  12. Lost And Gone
  13. Coronation Blues