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Maddy Prior With Hannah James & Giles Lewin


park records


Released: 8th Jun 2018


While their 2012 debut 3 For Joy took fourteenth century poems, tales of the industrial revolution from Ulster and music from the Southern Baptist Church tradition for its varied inspiration, new album Shortwinger looks to a theme that Maddy has drawn on in the past - the wild field.

Focusing on birds and hares and their place in folk mythology, the record uses rich imagery to match the stunning musical setting. ‘Murmuration’ looks at the declining population of starlings and their stunning evening display, while ‘Swallow’ is a modern song concerning the migration and absence of our loved summer visitor. ‘The Lark in the Clear Air’ is a new setting of this beautiful old song by Lewin, as is a version of Emily Dickinson’s poem ‘The Owl’. In the fifty years since she released her first album alongside Tim Hart (something she herself describes as an “extraordinary job”), Maddy Prior has continued to find her muse from the traditional myths and stories of the British Isles and the musicians who have emerged from its ever evolving folk scene. In Giles Lewin and Hannah James, she has once more found collaborators capable of inspiring her to new heights and to add yet another chapter to her incredible story.



  1. Austringer
  2. Jenny Wren
  3. Flying Boy
  4. The Grey Heron
  5. Swallow
  6. The Lucky Blackbird/House of White Roses
  7. Murmuration
  8. The Owl
  9. The Fabled Hare
  10. The Lark in the Clear Air
  11. The Curlew