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lucy ward

Pretty Warnings



Released: 15th Jun 2018


her fourth studio album features exquisitely penned original songs that weave their way effortlessly through matters of love, darkness, longing and joy.

the record has a sublime quality; an enchanting warmth that runs through it. Ward is a storyteller at heart, concerned with expressing truth and the human condition. She can paint a picture with her words and this album is an expressive collection of true stories and evocative imagery. As well as innovative arrangements of traditional songs such as the ballad ‘Bill Norrie’, Ward has delved into the tradition to come up with beautiful retellings of traditional forms. The archetypal rover becomes Ward’s yearning ‘Silver Morning’, a taste of her inimitable nu-folk originality. fans of the unthanks should check this out.

Pretty Warnings


  1. Silver Morning
  2. Cold Caller
  3. Sunshine Child
  4. Bill Norrie
  5. Maria Martin
  6. Fair & Tender Ladies
  7. Mari Fach
  8. Lazy Day
  9. The Sweetest Flowers