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death waltz recording co

LP (pre-order)

Expected Release: 17th Nov 2017


Death Waltz Recording Co.

, is proud to present, the original motion picture score to THE VOID. The soundtrack is an ominous synth driven beast, genuinely unsettling and thrilling. Shape shifting from ambient to semi industrial in the blink of an eye. Recalling NIN, Throbbing Gristle and John Carpenter the soundtrack is nothing short of excellent, a truly scary late night listen. This limited one time pressing is housed in a laminated reflective jacket, and pressed on 180 gram black vinyl.



  1. Jeremy Gillespie - Nowhere
  2. Jeremy Gillespie - Starless Night / The Void
  3. Brian Wiacek - Beverly
  4. Menalon - The Shape
  5. Blitz//Berlin, Menalon - A Hole In The World - A Death In The Family
  6. Blitz//Berlin, Brian Wiacek - Calling Them Here - Desperate Measures
  7. Menalon, Blitz//Berlin - Resurrection - Cloak And Dagger / The Call
  8. Jeremy Gillespie - Dysmorphia
  9. Blitz//Berlin - Infested / Jagged Pulse
  10. Blitz//Berlin - Sacrifices
  11. Blitz//Berlin - A Small Hope
  12. Blitz//Berlin - The Red Room / Maggie
  13. Menalon, Blitz//Berlin - Place Of Worship / Configuration - The Birth
  14. Blitz//Berlin - The Child / This Isn't The End
  15. Blitz//Berlin - Run Like Hell
  16. Blitz//Berlin - Aftermath / Last Hope
  17. Jahmeel Russell, Amy de Blois, Darrell Simpson, Jeremy Gillespie - Going To See The King