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Vicktor Taiwo

Joy Comes In Spirit



Released: 1st Jun 2018


2lp + download

Released: 1st Jun 2018

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the Nigerian-born Londoner channels thom yorke, sade, and brian eno into some ever so-slightly wonky and ever-so gorgeous late-night neo-soul cuts.

drinking from the same trough as genre-averse contemporaries badbadnotgood, james blake, bon iver et al, taiwo borrows, explores and expands into a pool of sounds that run together like the most salubrious of contemporary goo. from multi-part epics, echoey contemporary hip-hop, dance floor shirkers, and campfire songs, this is a triumph of risk and melody. “made up of icy cool moments (the snapping percussion, the humming synths) as well as the impeccably warm caress of Taiwò’s vocals…it’s immediately clear that he’s very much OK with settling into a genre-less sound whose focus is just solely quality melodies” – consequence of sound

Joy Comes In Spirit


  1. Breathe In
  2. Showers
  3. Shovel Moonlight
  4. Subducta. Psalm 69
  5. Letters I Wrote
  6. blue Mountain ridge
  7. Rolling in the Rapids
  8. tDS (Surf)
  9. Supernatural Women
  10. Shimmers in the Sun
  11. Summon
  12. Spectrom
  13. All Within
  14. Morning Joy