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Laverne, Connie/Anderson Brothers

Can't Live Without Your Loove (INDIE EXCLUSIVE)


indie exclusive 7"

Released: 29th Jun 2018


Originally released as white label DJ copies on GSF shortly before the label folded in 1974/75, these singles from Connie Laverne and The Anderson Brothers are surrounded in rumour, with vinyl copies rarely seen and highly coveted.

Both have been newly remastered for the Club Classics album celebrating 50 years of Northern Soul, which boasts over 70 minutes of floor filler anthems from the birth of the scene at Manchester’s Twisted Wheel to its heyday at Wigan Casino and Blackpool Mecca to the current Weekender phenomena. The Anderson Brothers’ “I Can See Him Loving You” was originally discovered and brought to the UK by resident Blackpool Mecca DJ, Ian Levine, and became an instant classic. Connie Laverne’s “Can’t Live Without Your Love” was the final ‘45 to be issued by GSF in 1974 and was produced by maverick New Jersey singer/writer/producer George Kerr, who is well known to Northern Soul fans for his range of uptempo soul productions for All-Platinum and GSF.

Can't Live Without Your Loove (INDIE EXCLUSIVE)


  1. Connie Laverne “Can’t Live Without You”
  2. The Anderson Brothers “I Can See Him Loving You”