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Michael Pisaro, Hakon Stene & Kristine Tjogersen

Asleep, Street, Pipes, Tones



Released: 1st Sep 2017


a remarkably beautiful electro-acoustic work by the eminent composer, it presents us with a partially frozen sound world where infinitesimal shifts of emphasis take on the dramatic status of major sonic events.

By placing the listener at the very centre of his work, Michael Pisaro is making the processes of how we receive and apprehend sound and music, his effective subject. Similarly, his interpreters in ‘Asleep, Street, Pipes, Tones’ are given a degree of freedom that goes far beyond the normal boundaries separating composer and performer, becoming co-creators of what he describes as “a new realisation of the piece made for and with Håkon.”


Asleep, Street, Pipes, Tones


  1. I
  2. II
  3. III
  4. IV
  5. V
  6. VI + VII
  7. VIII + IX
  8. X
  9. XI
  10. XII
  11. XIII
  12. XIV
  13. XV
  14. XVI
  15. XVII
  16. XVIII
  17. XIX