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William Eggleston


Secretly Canadian


Released: 20th Oct 2017


2lp + download

Released: 20th Oct 2017


this is highly emotional, whether he's improvising a Bach-like organ fanfare out of whole cloth, using a Korg patch titled "guitar feedback" to create a dirge, or playing Lerner and Lowe's "On The StreetWhere You Live" as a dramatic overture, it’s a cracking record. In the 1980's, Eggleston, who disdained digital cameras and modernity in general, became surprisingly fascinated with a synthesiser, the Korg O1/W FD, which had 88 piano-like keys, and in addition to being able to emulate the sound of any instrument, also contained a four-track sequencer that allowed him to expand the palette of his music, letting him create improvised symphonic pieces, stored on 49 floppy discs, encompassing some 60 hours of music from which this 13 track recording was assembled. if you like Mario batkovic’s off the wall accordion-playing, you might enjoy these eccentric organ stylings.



  1. Untitled Improvisation DCC 05.19
  2. Untitled Improvisation FD 1.10
  3. Untitled Improvisation DAT 3.1 2.79
  4. Untitled Improvisation DCC 02.9
  5. Untitled Improvisation DCC 02.25 3-01
  6. Untitled Improvisation DCC 04.31
  7. Untitled Improvisation DCC 04.33.3
  8. Untitled Improvisation DCC 02.21
  9. Untitled Improvisation FD 6.9
  10. Untitled Improvisation FD 1.1-9.5
  11. TitWillow - Gilbert/Sullivan
  12. Untitled Improvisation FD 1.12
  13. On The StreetWhere You Live - Lerner/Lowe