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Fumio Miyashita

Live On The Boffomundo Show

Drag City


Released: 22nd Sep 2017


2 live sessions from the hugely influential synthesiser master, boldly dubbed as “Japan’s answer to Pink Floyd”.

“While certainly influenced by the Floyd, Fumio, along with fellow band member and award winning synthesist, Kitaro, were more accurately evolving the electronic techno stylings of Germany’s Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Temple, Kraftwerk, and other Krautrock innovators from the early 1970s. Fumio brought multiple keyboards, percussion and incidental sundries to a studio the size of a small garage. Somehow, the staff of Theta Cable Studios managed to capture all the sound pumped through a 12” bookshelf speaker! A single microphone rested on a wooden stool in front of that speaker. In 1980, a second appearance from Fumio included Far East Family Band members, guitarist Lance Hooks and bass player George Babon.” - Ron Curtiss, March 2017.


Live On The Boffomundo Show


  1. October 30, 1979, parts 1-3
  2. March 18, 1980