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Ka Baird

Sapropelic Pycnic

Drag City


Released: 22nd Sep 2017


on this stunning record, she explores piano improvisations, electroacoustic interventions, extended vocal techniques, physical movements and the electronic processing of her flute to craft richly imagined soundscapes in which to lose oneself.

she imbibes sounds to provoke unseen forces within the wilds of her own unconscious, then brings them into the play. Emphasising breath, via voice and flute, ‘Sapropelic Pycnic’ is a possession, a physical catharsis, a transformation, comprised of burry, guttural rhythms, loops and clusters of flute figures with gliding vocal and synth melodies. Reaching toward the ancient roots of music, she utilises electronic manipulation to take the ear past preconception, combining the linearity of the physical with the abstraction of the cerebral, crafting textural rhythmic noise alongside lush operatic passages, containing multitudes. strokes of colin Stetson, forest swords and moon dog echo from this record.


Sapropelic Pycnic


  1. Migration
  2. Tok Tru
  3. Transmigration
  4. Metamorphoses
  5. Oneiric
  6. Ka
  7. You Are Myself