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Yair Elazar Glotman




Released: 6th Oct 2017



Released: 6th Oct 2017


Glotman guides the trio into utilising sounds from the edges of their instruments’ abilities - byproducts of harmony - and through improvisation, repetition, and post-production, conjures new sonic bodies over two mesmerising, side-long pieces.

his acoustic sound palette has now expanded from solo contrabass into a trio including pianist Rieko Okuda and percussionist Marcello Silvio Busato. His guidelines for each improvisation gave the players autonomy to emphasise the microscopic details of certain sounds: the shudder of a piano key, the hum of a cymbal, the incidental click of a plucked contrabass string. The recordings were then layered and reformulated by Glotman into two separate structures to complete the composition process.




  1. Veil
  2. Revelate