Resident Music

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LP + download

Released: 13th Oct 2017


their music expresses a soundtrack to the world by using a familiar approach – but with a geographically and spiritually oriental narration running through their drone metal/psychedelic folk style, with exquisite synthesiser layering and sequencing.

While keeping their original ambience, they combined krautrock influences such as Popol Vuh and Cluster to industrial music influences such as SPK in this recording, giving the ancient ethereal vibe a new modern sound texture. Growing up in Taipei, where two-wheeled transportations are popular, the basin city of such population density and humidity had shaped their sonic aesthetic, and distinctively differentiates from the US west coast and its desert drones that they’ve now incorporated into their sound.



  1. Antarabhava
  2. Sand of Sumeru
  3. Nigh over the Fish Road
  4. Dream of a Yellow Sorghum
  5. New Gate