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Released: 20th Oct 2017


Made up of recordings sourced and appropriated from the local performing arts of Kanagawa, Japan, his daily surroundings, and his own tool kit of electronic synthesis, this record evokes tranquil patience within a deeply resonant, enveloping sonic world.

Upon imagining a landscape, Sugai decomposes the image and replaces it with a sound representation, tethered to but abstracted from the natural world. his upbringing among a generation of Japanese artists exposed to Western culture becomes the basis for another part of UkabazUmorezU’s ritualistic experimentation. On “Sawariyanagi,” for example, an atmosphere inspired by the yokai monster Yanagi Onna finds itself speaking through a Western electroacoustic motif. Elsewhere on “Ganoubyoshi” a processed “hoarsely voice of the elderly” is treated with a reverence reserved for the realm of symphonic music. if you like lee gamble and jan st werner, check this out!



  1. Wakihi (湧き祕)
  2. Wochikaeri to Uzume (をちかえりと渦女)
  3. Shinobine (時鳥)
  4. Okera (桶楽)
  5. Mei (冥)
  6. Ganoubyoshi (贋扇拍子)
  7. Doujiri (堂尻)
  8. Katsura (桂)
  9. Kugutsu Biwa (傀儡びわ)
  10. Sawariyanagi (障り柳)
  11. Suzunarikibushi (鈴生り木節)