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Super-Individual: Collective Ritual

Trilithon Records

limited 2cd

Released: 9th Mar 2018


this epic double-cd sees Slomo invite twelve of their favourite artists to re-interpret their epic one-note behemoth from the 2017 album, ‘Transits’.

Unfolding over 146 minutes in length, ’Super-Individual: Collective Ritual' features reworkings by Gnod (Rocket Recordings), Andrew Liles (Current 93 / Nurse With Wound), Teeth of the Sea (Rocket Recordings), Simon Pyke (Freeform – Warp / Skam), Teleplasmiste (House of Mythology), Mr Peter Hayden (Svart), Higher Intelligence Agency (Beyond / Warp / Source), Urthona (Head Heritage / Heavy Rural) and more besides.

Super-Individual: Collective Ritual


  1. Super-Individual (zKIIIrmxhybridproc1)
  2. Super-Individual (Northern)
  3. Super-Individual (Teleplasmiste Autumne Equinoxe)
  4. Super-Individual (Mr Peter Hayden)
  5. Super-Individual (Higher Intelligence Agency)
  6. Super-Individual (CP)
  7. Super-Individual (Gnod – The Sssnake)
  8. Super-Individual (Andrew Liles D-Girl)
  9. Super-Individual (Teeth of the Sea)
  10. Super-Individual (Urthona)
  11. Super-Individual (Simon Pyke)
  12. Super-Individual (Ambient Working Men’s Club)