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J Colleran


because music

cd (pre-order)

Expected Release: 29th Jun 2018


lp (pre-order)

Expected Release: 29th Jun 2018


Irish producer J Colleran formerly known as MMOTHS.

Recent quick-fire single ‘O+SOH’ served as a transitional primer for the Irish producer and classical pianist, forming the perfect base from which to launch ‘Gardenia’ — a sweeping experimental soundscape inspired by childhood memories and the natural beauty of his native Ireland. Recorded at The Meadow Studios in Wicklow, the album’s neo-classical direction takes much of its inspiration from Colleran’s home in The Curragh Plains, Kildare. Avoiding stasis, these influences were instead rolled outwards from the ancient plains as he began to write music for fictional, non-existing spaces and worlds of his own making. Living within these transcendent works, the bones of his influences shimmer brightly right across the record, as strings and piano melodies blossom, reflecting the beauty of the flora and fauna of the grasslands. From sparkling opener ‘Sun Line’ to first single ‘bERA’, Colleran uproots warm, organic sounds and recontextualizes them within colder, metallic spaces — a theme most paramount in ‘Freesia i’ and ‘Freesia ii’ — before signing off with the raw and powerful emotion of final ballad, ‘Granu’, a track written and recorded with a live string quartet. “Throughout the record, I wanted to ensure that when it felt overly organic I immediately counteracted this with something digital or synthesized working alongside it”, Colleran explains.



  1. Sun Line
  2. bERA
  3. Freesia i
  4. Joye 1:12
  5. and the sky cracked for the first time
  6. Freesia ii
  7. Polypia
  8. Granu