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LP (2018)

spectrum spools

clear red lp + download

Released: 29th Jun 2018


this has all the earmarks of the classic Container sound with its uber-mangled, saturated tape garble and headlong tempo macabre but feels  much more authored and this greater sense of focus and structure makes it his most compelling release yet.

Miraculously, this new "LP" manages to incorporate some more traditionally 'musical' elements thus far untouched upon in the projects output while simultaneously delivering it's most damaged and blown out offering yet. The tracks feature a trajectory with narrative, surrounded by broken acid basslines grating against disintegrating tape loops. This is the infectious and singular hypnosis Container has become well-known for. Overloaded drum patterns, washes of feedback, and dying melodies - it's all here and somehow it's restructured to be different and better than ever before. fans of mark fell, empty set and machinefabriek will love this.

LP (2018)


  1. Drain
  2. Leaker
  3. Vacancy
  4. Peppered
  5. Juicer
  6. Slippers
  7. Retractor
  8. Jail
  9. Chunked